»Soochow NLP lab has 1 Youqing project and 5 normal projects granted by NSFC 2016.08.24
»Soochow NLP lab has 10 papers accepted by COLING 2016.10.22


About us

Mission: to advance Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technology to benefit humanity
Vision: to be a globally admired research lab in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) Lab at Soochow University is a team of 17 faculty members, 2 postdocs, and ~100 postgraguate students who work together on fundamental studies that allow computers to process and understand human languages.

Our work ranges from basic research in computational linguistics to key applications in human language technology, and covers areas such as lexical analysis, syntactic parsing, shallow semantic parsing, deep pragmatic understanding, information extraction, sentiment analysis, Chinese language processing, and statistical machine translation (SMT). Our research has resulted in various kinds of linguistic resources and state-of-the-art platforms and techniques for robust, broad-coverage natural-language processing.

The Soochow University NLP Lab is affiliated with the Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Computer Information Processing Technology, and contains four research groups, i.e. natural language understanding, Chinese computing, social media processing and SMT. Meanwhile, it includes two university-level research institutes, i.e. the Zongheng Institute for Chinese computing and the Crosslingual HLT Institute for SMT