Short Bio

Ph.D. graduated from Natural Language Processing Lab, Soochow University, China.

My supervisor is Prof. Guodong Zhou and co-supervised by Prof. Shoushan Li.

Email: wangzq.antony [at]

my curriculum vitae: [link]

you can find me: @google scholar @dblp


  • B.Sc. in Computer Science (2005-2009), Huaiyin Normal University
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science (2009-2012), Soochow University
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (2012-2016), Soochow University (Passed the defence in Dec 2015 and Ph.D. degree conferred in Oct 2016)


  • Research Associate (Nov. 2014-May.2015), at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Sophia Lee
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Apr. 2016-), at Singapore University of Technology and Design with Yue Zhang


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
  • Social Computing
  • Machine Learning

Major Publication

  • Zhongqing Wang, Yue Zhang, Sophia Lee, Shoushan Li, and Guodong Zhou. A Bilingual Attention Network for Code-switched Emotion Prediction. In Proceeding of COLING-2016. [pdf]
  • Zhongqing Wang, Sophia Lee, Shoushan Li, and Guodong Zhou. Emotion Analysis in Code-Switching Text with Joint Factor Graph Model. Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing [SCI]. [DOI]
  • Zhongqing Wang, Shoushan Li, and Guodong Zhou. Personal Summarization from Profile Networks. Frontiers of Computer Science [SCI]. [DOI]
  • Yu Xu, M.Rami Ghorab, Zhongqing Wang, Dong Zhou and Séamus Lawless. Do Your Social Profiles Reveal What Languages You Speak? Language Inference From Social Media Profiles. In Proceeding of ECIR-2016.
  • Zhongqing Wang, Sophia Lee, Shoushan Li, and Guodong Zhou. Emotion Detection in Code-switching Texts via Bilingual and Sentimental Information. In Proceeding of ACL-2015 (short). [pdf] [poster] [code] [sample-data]
  • Sophia Lee, and Zhongqing Wang. Emotion in Code-switching Texts: Corpus Construction and Analysis. In Proceeding of SIGHAN-2015. [pdf] [poster] [sample-data]
  • Zhongqing Wang, Shoushan Li, Hanxiao Shi, and Guodong Zhou. Skill Inference with Personal and Skill Connections. In Proceeding of COLING-2014. [pdf] [poster] [code] [corpus]
  • Zhongqing Wang, Liyuan Lin, Shoushan Li and Guodong Zhou. Random Walks for Opinion Summarization on Conversations. In Proceeding of NLPCC-2014, poster paper. [pdf]
  • Zhongqing Wang, Shoushan Li, Kong Fang, and Guodong Zhou. Collective Personal Profile Summarization with Social Networks. In Proceeding of EMNLP-2013. [pdf] [poster] [code] [corpus]
  • Shoushan Li, Yunxia Xue Zhongqing Wang, and Guodong Zhou. Active Learning for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification. In Proceeding of IJCAI-2013. [pdf] [poster]
  • Yan Fang, Zhongqing Wang, Shoushan Li, Zhongguo Li, Richen Xu and Leixin Cai. Soochow University Word Segmenter for SIGHAN 2012 Bakeoff. In Proceeding of CIPS-SIGHAN-2012 Micro-blog word segmentation bakeoff. (The Second Rank) [pdf]
  • Wei Gao, Zhongqing Wang, and Shoushan Li. Ensemble Learning in Semi-supervised Sentiment Classificaiton. In Proceeding of YCCL-2012 (Chinese). (Best Paper Award)
  • Research on Sentiment Classification Based-upon Imbalanced Data. Ms.C. thesis. (Excellent Ms.C Thesis Award of Jiangsu Province) [pdf]
  • Zhongqing Wang, Shoushan Li, Qiaoming Zhu, Peifeng Li and Guodong Zhou, Chinese Sentiment Classification on Imbalanced Data Distribution. Journal of Chinese Information Processing (Chinese). vol.3. 2012.
  • Zhongqing Wang, Rongyang Wang, Lei Pang, Daming Dai, Shengfeng Ju, Yan Su and Shoushan Li. Technical Report on Suda_SAM_OMS Sentiment Analysis System. In Proceedings of The Third Chinese Opinion Analysis Evaluation (COAE-2011). 2011. (The First Rank)
  • Zhongqing Wang, Shoushan Li, Guodong Zhou, Peifeng Li and Qiaoming Zhu.Imbalanced Sentiment Classification with Multi-Strategy Ensemble Learning. In Proceedings of IALP-2011. [pdf] [code]
  • Shoushan Li, Guodong Zhou, Zhongqing Wang, Sophia Yat Mei Lee and Rongyang Wang. Imbalanced Sentiment Classification. In Proceedings of CIKM-2011, poster paper. [pdf]
  • Shoushan Li, Zhongqing Wang, Guodong Zhou and Sophia Yat Mei Lee. Semi-supervised Learning for Imbalanced Sentiment Classification. In Proceedings of IJCAI-2011. [pdf] [code] [corpus]


  • PC member, ACL, 2017.
  • PC member, EMNLP, 2015, 2016.
  • PC member, NAACL, 2016.

Awards & Honors

  • National Graduate Scholarship (2013, 2014)
  • Excellent Ms.C Thesis Award of Jiangsu Province (2012, supervised by Qiaoming Zhu, Shoushan Li, and Peifeng Li)
  • Best Paper Award at YCCL-2012 (with Wei Gao, and Shoushan Li)
  • Grand Prize Winner of the Third Chinese Opinion Analysis Evaluation (2012, with Rongyang Wang, Lei Pang, Daming Dai, Shengfeng Ju, Yan Su, and Shoushan Li)


  • Probabilistic Graphical Models A simple tutorial by me [slides], tutorials collections [download], tang's implement [link]